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Powered by WooCommerce, we develop WordPress eCommerce websites.
Creating an online store with Southern Sons Group is the most convenient way to get started selling products online.

WordPress eCommerce Web Development with WooCommerce

Powered by open-source technology, WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform for business owners around the world. It is integrated into WordPress and provides a very powerful online retail solution so you can begin selling any type of product through your WordPress website.

WooCommerce is estimated to power more than 30% of all online stores, making it the most popular eCommerce platform on the Internet.

Compared with other online eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento, WooCommerce is a great alternative. In addition to being cheaper, it is also more customizable.

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WordPress eCommerce Web Design

We can create an online retail business with WordPress and Woocommerce and sell your products through your website and accept credit card payments from customers around the globe. Our WooCommerce powered websites give you all the tools necessary to run a successful online business.

Almost anything can be sold on an eCommerce website. Physical products, such as clothing or furniture, are available along with services and digital products, including online courses and software downloads. We offer WooCommerce based web design services that are suited for a wide variety of online retail services.

The backend dashboard provides you with the means to create products and organize customer orders over a WordPress website on which you can manage static pages or create a blog for use as a sales channel.

Payment Gateways & Shipping Options powered by WooCommerce

Create an exceptional customer experience for your online retail customers. Offering a variety of payment and delivery options can help to enhance the online shopping experience.

We have integrated multiple South African payment gateways with WooCommerce. PayfastDPO Paygate, or YOCO are the most reliable payment processors.

PayFast for WooCommerce

Using the PayFast extension for WooCommerce, you can accept subscriptions, deposits, and pre-orders through one of South Africa’s most popular payment gateways. With PayFast, your customers can put down deposits, place orders in advance, or pay weekly, monthly, or annually.

DPO PayGate for WooCommerce

Users can pay their purchases through PayGate PayWeb and PayGate PayXML, which operate as direct payment gateways and require an SSL certificate to protect credit card information.

YOCO for WooCommerce

The YOCO WooCommerce integration is a relatively new option, but it is very straightforward and easy to implement. Within five minutes, your customers are using a brand they are familiar with and trust. Additionally, they offer instant payment notifications as well as payments within two business days.

Shipping options for WordPress eCommerce Stores

The shipping options offered by WooCommerce are very flexible. Customers should be able to pick up their order, receive local delivery, or have it shipped. You can also simply limit their choices based on where they live. In addition, you can set a flat rate or specify different rates for different products, such as extra charges for heavy items. Calculate and display the correct rates to customers during the checkout process.

A number of South African courier companies offer free WordPress plugins, including The Courier Guy, Collivery, or Pargo Shipping.

Product Management powered by WordPress eCommerce and WooCommerce integration

A store’s products are one of the most important components of its web design. Using WooCommerce, we will build an eCommerce platform that will allow you to manage your products and generate online sales.

It is possible to embed products, checkout, and much more on any page: You can use shortcodes to add your products to blog posts, or create landing pages that direct visitors to the shopping cart.

Sort and filter products by popularity, newness, rating, price and other attributes in order to find the right product.

Contrary to other eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce offers Unlimited Products: You can add as many products as you wish – your only restriction is your inventory.

Variations are unlimited: You can offer varying options (such as color, size, fabric, etc.) for a product, with the option of setting prices, stock, and images.

You can use widgets to provide information about top products, a specific category or tag, products on sale, featured products, or recently viewed products on any page of your store.

Worpress eCommerce Website Management

It is not possible for everyone to manage an eCommerce website. It is at this point that our online shop developers can be of assistance. Keeping your online store current is available for a monthly fee. Your inventory will be managed, your product images and prices will be updated, new content will be added to your website and you’ll have a continuous stream of visitors.

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